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Perfect world fox form learn
Perfect world fox form learn

Perfect world fox form learn

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Learn Punishing Sting (Mystic only - pop-up). Speak to Priestess of the Soul (153 248) ^13 to Reward: 0Fox Form Enhanced Scroll and 0Spirit Fox Form

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Spirit Fox Form has identical stats, just gives you a different form. (A silvery 5 tailed fox.) You must learn Imbued before you can get Spirit.Fox Form vs Butterfly Form - Perfect World 5 posts26 Mar 2013Is the fox form for venomancer worth the spirit 10 posts26 Oct 2010Fox Form skill problem :/ - Perfect World 10 posts25 Apr 2009Veno Fox Form - Perfect World International Forum 9 posts20 Dec 2008More results from pwi-forum.perfectworld.comQuestion About Veno Skill -Spirit Fox Form - Epic Perfect World 26, 2014 - 8 posts - ?6 authorsHi, I need to learn my spirit fox form; but I can't get the quest from City of the Lost's Elder. The Venomancer Trainer has the quest that.Spirit Fox Form8 posts26 Nov 2014Venomance New Fox Form10 posts4 Oct 2014Spirit Fox form question5 posts30 Oct 2013Cannot Learn Spirit Fox Demon Form - page 115 posts30 Aug 2013More results from epicpw.comPerfect World Item Database - Spirit Fox Perfect World: 0Spirit Fox Form. 0Fox Form(Imbued) Required Level:100. Shapeshift into a powerful spirit fox. Shares cooldown with Fox Form. Oct 5, 2009 - In Perfect World to be able to turn into a fox, firstly you need to be a Tags: fox form, fox guide, Huli jing, Perfect World, venomancer, were fox This is how to get fox form. (Note: if you are a barbarian and do the same thing what i did, you can get tiger

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today i've tried to lear dark hexmalific crush for her fox form and it says "can't learn this skill"(i have enough money,appropriate culty,enough sp From my experience with playing Perfect World International, I have found some really off In fox form they have really good physical defense for a magical character, with a And your tank will be very grateful to you if you can learn this tactic.Mar 29, 2013 - A place to learn more about PWI - Hosted by Shivtr. [Pinned] Spitit Venomancer fox form and Barbarian Panda form. Page 1. Close. Page 1. Search I think this is right.

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